Welcome to the world of Valquère, where timeless sophistication meets modern elegance. Let us introduce you to the romance of the European cut diamond, a remarkable feat of gemstone artistry that dates back to a period before modern cutting techniques left their imprint on the diamond industry. As we witness a resurgence in the appreciation of vintage-style jewellery, European cut diamonds have found their way into the heart of trendsetters and style enthusiasts alike. Here at Valquère, these diamonds are key components of our statement pieces, embodying our tagline "statement made" with their extraordinary appeal.


The Uniqueness of the European Cut

What sets apart our European cut? Recognisable by its narrow base and large crown, these diamonds lend an antique flair to our bespoke jewellery pieces. Unlike modern diamond cuts, the European cut might not boast an overtly brilliant sparkle. However, its subtle shimmer, particularly in a solitary ring, adds a classic touch that complements Valquère's statement style. Each diamond is meticulously handcrafted in Antwerp, reflecting our commitment to high-quality and standout luxury.

The Journey of the European Cut

The European cut has a rich history, dating from 1890 to 1930, noted as a primary trend in the Art Deco period. It served as the bridge between the old mine cut, with its distinctive square zone and rounded corners, and the modern round brilliant diamond. Unlike the brilliant which focuses on clarity, the European cut accentuates the colour and purity of each diamond.

European Cut Versus Brilliant Cut

Each cut has its unique attributes, defining its appeal. While the modern brilliant cut emphasizes the brilliance and brightness, the European cut draws attention to the diamond's color and purity. Despite the lower purity of rough diamonds during the European cut’s heyday, the unique facet structure was designed to emphasise the diamond's best attributes.

The Value of the European Cut

The diamond’s 4C’s – colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight defines its worth. Despite the European cut diamond's seemingly duller colour and purity compared to modern variants, their rarity, higher carat content, and the enhanced personal service offered by us sometimes make these diamonds a more luxurious choice. At Valquère, our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect European cut diamond for your bespoke piece.

Valquère’s European cut diamonds echo a timeless allure with an unmatched appeal. Uncover the luxury of our carefully curated collection and make a definitive statement of elegance. Our experts at Valquère would love to meet your wishes and design your custom jewel with a diamond of your choice.
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