Embrace a new kind of luxury with Valquère's meticulously handcrafted pavé engagement rings. Moving beyond the traditional one-diamond ring, our pavé setting incorporates a profusion of high-quality lab-grown diamonds, creating a statement piece that effuses brilliance.



White gold pavé engagement rng

The pavé setting

Our pavé engagement rings are crafted with small, impeccably cut diamonds, positioned as close as possible. Each diamond is secured by four prongs, almost fully concealing the noble metal underneath, and presenting a seamless surface of stunning diamonds. By intertwining a solitaire setting with pavé diamonds, we create an engagement ring that is truly inimitable and impossible to resist. A solitaire ring on its own is mesmerizing, but the addition of smaller diamonds along the side intensifies the shimmer, amplifying the luxury. The resultant ring is a dazzling statement piece that will leave others coveting.

Whether you choose a pavé engagement ring with or without a solitaire diamond, you'll be adorning a showstopper that embodies the essence of Valquère – a beacon of contemporary luxury. Explore our diverse collection to find your perfect pavé engagement ring.

Remember to stay in tune with the latest diamond trends and pricing, as this industry is constantly evolving. Let our personal service guide you to make the best choice, enriching your experience with the most current industry knowledge.
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