Do you secretly desire a piece of jewellery that is an extension of your individuality? Are you ceaselessly hunting for inspiration? Allow us to introduce you to an effective system called SCAMPER, cherished by Bob Eberle. This proven process guides not just the creation of stunning jewellery pieces but also steers all new developments from existing designs.

Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate and Reverse are the seven magic elements of SCAMPER. These steps work as a roadmap for your unique journey of creating your piece of statement jewellery, embodying Valquère’s ethos of a new kind of luxury.

Reinvent your treasure by substituting elements, combining never-seen-before ideas, adapting from nature, maximizing, or minimizing sizes, making novel uses of things, eliminating unnecessary elements, and flipping the design. With Valquère, explore the limitless possibilities of crafting your magic with our high-quality lab grown diamonds.


Unraveling Inspiration for Your Personal Service:

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. Be it a charming walk in nature, visiting art exhibitions, exploring architectural marvels or even surfing the internet, the world is brimming with sources waiting to be discovered.

For your unique jewellery design, the internet opens a world of opportunities. Check out online jewellery websites, photo portals like Pinterest or Flickr, platforms like Etsy and eBay for self-created art pieces, or auction houses with vintage designs. Meld these inspirations with our handcrafted Antwerp jewellery to witness the conception of something truly extraordinary.

Expertise: Your Companion in this Voyage:

Do not hesitate to reach out for professional help. Our personal service from Valquère not only helps customize your design, but we also provide valuable advice about our precious lab grown diamonds and the rich Antwerp techniques employed. We guide you in this journey, keeping in mind your budget and incorporating our rich experiential wisdom to ensure that you get a handcrafted piece that’s truly "you".

Hoping to own a piece of jewellery that's configured precisely to your taste? Our team at Valquère looks forward to discussing your ideas, guiding you and bringing your vision to life. Remember, with Valquère, every piece is a statement made.
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