Welcome to Valquère, where we blend traditions and innovation to serve our esteemed clients - the modern, conscious shoppers who believe in bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability. For them, and for us, every diamond ring symbolizes an exquisite blend of high quality, advanced technology, and ethical sourcing. A Valquère ring is not just a possession, but a statement made to the world about the kind of consumer you are.


Blue diamond ring Valquère

A New Wave of Luxury

Our clients are the advanced Smart Luxury consumers - a section of premium-oriented, tech-savvy individuals who consciously seek products that align their love for luxury with their commitment to sustainability and ethical buying. They are digital natives of Europe who value quality, innovation, and tradition. They are the ones who love to reward themselves with unforgettable pieces like a diamond ring during life milestones or prefer to surprise their loved ones with non-traditional gifting, making their wedding-day surprise extra special.

The Valquère Promise: When Tradition meets Innovation

Our brand's character is reflective of our consumers' - advanced, resourceful, purposeful, and charming. With a keen focus on handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, we emphasize on larger, high-quality lab-grown diamonds while consciously moving away from designs with tinier stones. Our recent addition includes colored diamonds such as pink and blue, widening the horizon for people who like to wear their personality. Be it oval or emerald cuts, our diamonds are certified for their uniqueness.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Sustainable, Ethical, Luxurious

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we are pioneers in the use of lab-grown diamonds. They are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and ensure color and brightness consistency. With lab-grown diamonds, you can choose to upgrade the size or enhance your personal jewelry collection without extending your budget.

Remember, into each Valquère piece, we infuse the essence of our brand – a statement of luxury that is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, without compromising on sustainability and ethics. If you are looking for unique, handmade diamond jewellery, visit Valquère, the reference for diamond rings.
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