Grand weddings may be the status quo, but a substantial number of couples lean towards a more intimate setting. An intimate wedding requires careful attention to details. The question stands – How can one curate their dream small wedding? And how does your chosen piece of diamond jewellery from Valquère help in setting the tone? 


Oval engagement ring

Crafting an Intimate Wedding

The key to an intimate wedding often lies in the guest list. Trimming down to close friends and family not only captures the essence of closeness but also significantly reduces costs. Despite careful trimming, if the list seems lengthy, the wedding can be segmented into parts, inviting more guests as the day unfolds. Here, a wedding planner can be worth their weight in gold, streamlining the process. Choosing an inviting venue of the right size also contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere.

Attention to Details

With fewer people, every detail gains prominence, magnifying any imperfections. Fortunately, lower costs on venues and guest lists provide leeway to perfect minute elements. High-end catering also lends a touch of luxury, underscoring the importance of personal enjoyment with loved ones.

The Influence of the Perfect Diamond Ring

Here's where Valquère’s handcrafted diamond ring ascends to the stage. Alongside a meticulously planned intimate venue and delectable meal, your bridal look with our diamond jewellery from Antwerp brings the touch of high-quality luxury, without overshadowing you. With Valquère, the perfect balance between statement and subtlety is achieved. Assuredly, with these careful choices, your intimate wedding will shine with grace and elegance.

Detailed Guidance and Cost-effective Solution

But where to find a high-quality, handcrafted diamond ring without straining your budget? Valquère provides personalized service, aiding in crafting the ideal bridal look. By cutting out intermediaries and offering lab-grown diamonds, Valquère ensures an affordable yet luxurious solution for your intimate wedding.

Get in touch with our diamond experts at Valquère for a personal touch on your special day.
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