Diamonds have long been revered as nature's rarity, often referred to as the ‘King of Gems’. The compelling allure of diamonds isn't just limited to their unmatched brilliance but also their symbolism of power and, more importantly, enduring love. If you seek a unique expression of devotion, choose a handcrafted Valquère diamond engagement ring, with an exceptional heart-shaped diamond, the ultimate symbol of love.


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Cupid's Diamond-Tipped Arrows: The Epitome of Eternal Love

Cupid, the ancient Roman God of Love, is associated with numerous interesting tales. The tales revolve around Cupid’s dual arrows - one with a gold diamond arrowhead inducing love, while the other oppositely fuels hate.

How is this connected to traditional diamond engagement rings, you ask? Simple. Cupid's diamond arrowhead was believed to spark love, just as a diamond ring today symbolises a promise of everlasting love.

Choosing the Heart-shaped Diamond: A Gesture of Profound Love

If you're planning a surprise proposal, don't wait for Cupid's interference; capture her heart with an exquisitely handcrafted Valquère diamond engagement ring. The heart-shaped diamond, a subtle alteration of the pear shape, stands as the ultimate symbol of love.

She may choose to wear her diamond engagement ring with the heart pointing to her fingernail or wrist. But spin the enchanting tale of Cupid, and she's sure to wear it with the point directed towards her heart.

Discovering the Heart-shaped Diamond: The Art of Exceptional Craftsmanship

The search for the perfect heart-shaped diamond engagement ring will reveal that this cut isn't standard among diamond cuts like the round,princess,oval and pear variants. Interestingly, though, the pear cut serves as the basis for the heart shape, making it a truly original choice.

Crafting this romantic cut necessitates a diamond cutter's skill and experience. Therefore, continue to trust Valquère's promise of high-quality lab grown diamonds and their team of Antwerp's skilled craftsmen.

Keeping up with the latest diamond market trends, Valquèrecombines personal service with knowledgeable guidance, helping you make an informed and confident decision.
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