As you stand at the precipice of a significant chapter in your life, intending to hear the long-anticipated "yes" from the woman of your dreams, Valquère guides you through the art of crafting a beautifully memorable marriage proposal. Embark on this journey with us, let's leave no stone unturned to ensure your proposal shines bright, a symbol of the lab grown diamond itself.  


Hit the perfect note at the perfect time, in the perfect place

A marriage proposal, like a perfectly cut lab grown diamond, is a testament to moments that are destined to sparkle forever. It’s not a question to be asked in haste or at an inconvenient time. Imagine, instead, a picturesque location, your phone turned off to prevent any unwanted interruptions, setting the stage to pop the question that's sure to bring a twinkle in her eyes.
Engagement ring

Plan for the Unexpected

In the realm of proposals as well as with lab grown diamonds, the unexpected can indeed be your ally. A last-minute change of plans or a late night at work for your beloved shouldn’t cause despair. Remember, a lab grown diamond, despite the conditions of its formation, always emerges brilliant and flawless, much like your proposal can.

Embrace Originality, Sprinkle Spontaneity

Aspiring to be as unique and timeless as a lab grown diamond, let your proposal be a true reflection of your relationship. Your fiance-to-be is not just another woman, and your proposal isn’t just any other question. So, gaze deep into her eyes and let your words flow like a spontaneous, heartfelt melody.

Select the Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Now that the proposal strategy is in place, it's time to hunt for the perfect match of a lifetime - a lab grown diamond engagement ring that is every bit her. With Valquère, choose from our exquisitely handcrafted rings, all designed to perfectly mirror her style and personality. Decades of European craftsmanship merged with innovative technologies have gifted us the ability to redefine the luxury diamond landscape, without compromising on quality or brilliance.

Trust us with your journey towards a bright future and experience the blend of exceptional customer service and high-quality lab grown diamonds that are destined to shine bright for a lifetime.
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