While the origins of jewellery span countless centuries, the first necklace, possibly made from organic material like bones or shells, remains shrouded in mystery. However, there's consensus that the first gold necklace, graduating this adornment to a symbol of status and luxury, was crafted 2500 years BC. Today, in Valquère's hands, a gold necklace tells a captivating story by blending historic significance with the symbolism of modern luxury.



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How Did Ancient Egypt Influence the Trend of Gold Necklaces?

Gold was revered as a divine metal in the ancient Egyptian civilisation. This reverence, born from an abundance of gold mines, remains intact in today's world, especially in the form of the gold necklace, a timeless piece of jewellery that subtly fuses past grandeur with present sophistication.

Ancient goldsmiths were employed by the pharaoh to craft gold jewellery, including the coveted gold necklace, which was used to honour deserving people, thus elevating its status as a symbol of power and courage.

Tracing the Transformation of the Gold Necklace into a Status Symbol

As time progressed, gold necklaces gained prominence across different cultures such as the Celts, Germans, and Romans who endorsed the 'torque' – a powerful status symbol worn around the neck.

During the Middle Ages, the power of gold was further amplified, when the privilege to wear gold was reserved for the aristocracy alone. This tradition has been tastefully revived in Valquère's handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, illustrating a new era of luxury where a gold necklace is not merely a symbol of power and status but also a unique statement of personal style.

Among the Most Expensive Necklaces Ever Crafted

In recent times, while jewelleries aren't considered status symbols exclusively, there exist pieces of art such as the 'A Heritage in Bloom' necklace that simply remain unattainable for many due to their exorbitant prices. Notably, this piece boasts 27 ways of wearing it, each adorned with the brilliance of 11,551 diamonds, encapsulating Valquère's philosophy of nuanced luxury and versatile style.

Variations of Contemporary Gold Necklaces

Today’s gold necklaces are designed in a variety of lengths and styles, celebrating individual expression and personal style. In Valquère's exquisite collection, you'll find a gold necklace for every occasion, be it a chic choker or the classic princess necklace, a versatile matinee piece, or a stunningly long opera necklace.

So, whether you're revelling in the nostalgia of the past or embracing the statements of the future, choosing a Valquère gold necklace means gracing yourself with not just a piece of jewellery, but a symbol of exclusive, personal luxury that speaks volumes about you. Contact the Valquère’s experts here for extra advice or your own tailor-made creation.
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