Defying traditional stereotypes and embracing a new kind of luxury, men too can sport ring sets with brilliants. Choose from a range of meticulously handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, in white gold or platinum, enhanced with exquisite brilliants.


Conquer Trends with a Ring Set with Brilliants

Just because diamonds have been branded traditionally as 'a girl's best friend' doesn't imply they are women exclusive. Why not indulge in a ring set with brilliants for you both? As a future groom, you can celebrate the journey of love with a ring set with brilliants. With statement-making collections surpassing those from a few decades ago, a ring set with brilliants won't dampen your masculinity but elevate it. And at Valquère, we are committed to providing personal service to aid you in making the perfect choice.

The Alloy of Choice for Men

A man’s ring should reflect his persona, bold and compelling. Most men gravitate towards white gold or platinum ring sets with brilliants. These timeless hues are versatile, blending seamlessly with all styles, including your personal one. Colourless diamonds are impeccably suited to these alloys. Indeed, opting for a black diamond ring can be an adventurous, yet stylish choice.

Why Choose a Brilliant Ring Set?

Brilliant ring sets have been a solid choice for proposals, offering a safe yet appealing option. This round cut diamond has maintained its popularity due to its captivating brilliance. Under light, the brilliant diamond creates a mesmerising play of colours. Additionally, the symbolic significance behind a ring set with brilliants intensifies its allure.

Solitaire or Multiple Stones: The Gentleman's Choice

Perhaps subtlety defines your style. Men generally prefer a ring set with a single solitaire diamond – a statement in simplicity. For a bigger impact, you could opt for a ring set with multiple diamonds. Incorporating smaller brilliants within the ring band creates a smooth finished ring that stands out yet remains sophisticated. Perfectly suited for a man's hand.

Breaking Free from Tradition

Are you seeking an unconventional ring set with brilliants? Reconsider the diamond placement, moving away from the solitaire central setting. Opt for a different shape, such as square diamonds (princess diamonds), for a unique, masculine appeal. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, order a custom-made ring with us.

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