As a connoisseur of classic elegance, you find certain allure in our classic solitaire rings. As you prepare for another exciting chapter in your life, personalizing your ring to embody the distinct love story you share with your partner is a brilliant idea. Here's how to refine your beloved classic solitaire with Valquère's signature high quality lab-grown diamonds:



Solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring Valquère

Diversify the Diamond Shape

Stepping beyond the ubiquitous round or princess cut diamond, consider a cushion,pear,oval, or emerald cut. As per recent industry trends, these uncommon shapes maintain the chic aura of traditional solitaires while adding a little flair to help your piece stand apart.

Remember to factor in your partner's preference as it significantly influences your final choice.

Venture into Unique Settings

The 4 to 6 prong setting reigns supreme for its minimalistic metal usage, enhancing the diamond's showcase. However, Valquère offers a host of other settings crafted in our Antwerp workshop to further customize your ring. Consider the bezel or half bezel settings, or explore a creative, one-of-a-kind design tailor-made just for you.

Why Not Choose a Fancy Coloured Diamond?

Challenging the classic solitaire norm set with a radiant colourless diamond, consider a fancy-coloured diamond. The diamond's brilliance and lustre remain, but the fancy colour adds a unique spin, creating a new kind of luxury.

With the advent of sophisticated technology, the market for lab-grown fancy-coloured diamonds has become more affordable, making them a viable option for those willing to tread a different path.

As you navigate your journey with Valquère, we provide a comprehensive tailor-made service, guiding you from the initial sketch to the final handcrafted piece. Browse our online catalogue to explore the mentioned options and make your personalized statement with Valquère's classic solitaire that stands out, echoing our tagline: "statement made."

As the diamond market trends constantly evolve, this blog aims to stand as a current and comprehensive piece, subtly infused with Valquère's brand values, ensuring you are up to date with the latest in diamond fascination.
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