Choosing and wearing a statement made set of jewellery from Valquère exudes a refined sense of style. Valquère's lab-grown diamonds epitomize the modern luxury, blending seamlessly with your wardrobe..

Tempted by a set of jewellery that gives your look a final flourish of elegance? Choosing a set of jewellery can be challenging but fear not, we're here to guide you on how to choose and wear our meticulously crafted pieces.


Matching a Set of Jewellery to the Occasion and your Personality

At Valquère, each set of jewellery is unique, embodying a blend of chic glamour and timeless elegance. With our diamonds signifying eternal love and purity, they are perfect for romantics who appreciate life's finer luxuries. Whether you're celebrating a wedding or a 60th-anniversary, a diamond set from Valquère is an emblem of celebration, their quality, size, and rainbow brilliance under light setting them apart.

Choose a dazzling set of diamond jewellery from Valquère to bring an exotic touch to your ensemble. Usually available in classic shades like white, cream, or pink, our diamond collections also include other hues. For a truly standout piece, consider a red golden set with diamonds. Simple yet original, a diamond set from Valquère adds an irresistible allure to any outfit.

Wearing Valquère Jewellery with Panache

When it comes to wearing a set of jewellery, consider the design of your outfit, your physique, and the occasion. For a strapless dress, all necklaces from our collection are a perfect match. Moreover, it's crucial to choose jewellery that complements your attire. If your dress features a long sleeve, you might prefer not to wear a bracelet.

When it comes to earrings, if you wear your hair loose with a few strands framing your face, choose a design that extends at least 3 centimeters. If your hair is tied up, the possibilities are even more captivating.

To discover more about Valquère's set of jewellery, feel free to contact our personal service experts who are always ready to assist you.
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