Looking to present your loved one with a handcrafted statement that resonates with luxury? An engagement ring with brilliants from Valquère may be what you are after. After all, why settle for less in expressing your affection? As the markets go online, we’ve seen diamond jewellery prices fall by an impressive 30% to 50% compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The result? More value for you – and a statement made to last a lifetime for her.


White gold diamond engagement ring

Selecting the Perfect Alloy

The alloy, the precious metal from which the ring is made, holds immense significance in creating the perfect engagement ring. From white gold to yellow gold, red gold or platinum, your choice should reflect her style and preference. Always consider potential allergies, favourite colours and, importantly, your budget. Valquère ensures this process is easy for you with a convenient price filter – another perk of online shopping.

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Aren't Brilliants Listed with Gems?

Many wonder why brilliants aren’t traditionally listed with gems like diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. The answer lies in understanding the essence of a brilliant. Simply put, a brilliant is a diamond cut into a round shape. When you're browsing, remember to select 'diamond' in the menu.

The brilliance of a brilliant cut diamond captures the light like no other, etching a memorable statement. They are becoming increasingly popular in both engagement rings and wedding rings, offering a timeless elegance that surpasses trends.

Choosing the Cut: Round, Square or Something Else?

f you're drawn to the brilliance of a brilliant, you'll want to opt for a round cut. However, there are other engaging alternatives as well. A square cut leads you to the princess cut diamond, typically more affordable than the brilliant, with a slightly different level of shine and brilliance.

Oval cuts provide a unique blend of tradition and distinction, while pear-shaped cuts are ideal for pendants and earrings, their tear shape offering a distinctive appeal.

At Valquère, each engagement ring tells a story — a story of high-quality lab grown diamonds, personal service, and a personal touch from the diamond capital, Antwerp.

As you continue your journey to find the perfect engagement ring with brilliants, remember our experts are here to assist you. Reach out to Valquère's team at any time, online or by telephone.
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