How magnificent should a Valquère engagement ring be? Engagement rings, the epitome of statement jewellery, vary from subtly delicate to impressively grand. Discover the perfect ring for your significant other, enriched by the pristine allure of our high-quality lab-grown diamonds.



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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Large Engagement Rings

The size of an engagement ring is often a function of the budget. Larger diamonds significantly inflate the price. Yet, clusters of smaller, high-quality diamonds of the same carat weight can prove more economical without compromising on the luxurious appeal.

A larger engagement ring, adorned with our handcrafted diamonds, is guaranteed to bring an indulgent smile to the face of your loved one. An expansive diamond proclaims a grand statement that many women find irresistible.

In contrast, practicality might argue against ostentatious stones that can snag on clothing or risk damage. Additionally, some individuals desire a discerning understatement aligning with their beliefs. As a brand, Valquère promotes this new kind of luxury, offering a variety of statement-making styles to suit everyone.

Establishing the Ideal Diamond Size for Engagement Rings

While diamond size largely depends on personal tastes and budgets, a diamond over 5 carats may seem disproportionate in an elaborate ring. Remember, the size or carat weight doesn't determine the quality of a diamond. Valquère emphasizes the 4C’s — carat, colour, cut and clarity — that coalesce to form the quality, price, and value of a diamond.

Defining the Ideal Engagement Ring

An engagement ring, irrespective of its size, holds immense emotional value. Linked to the proposal, it marks a significant milestone in a couple's life. It's vital that the ring resonates a personal statement, matches the wearer's style, and exceeds expectations. For most, the engagement ring size isn't the sole deciding factor.

Enhancing the Engagement Ring’s Appearance

A halo engagement ring, where circles of smaller diamonds encircle the central gem, creates a magnified illusion. This unique arrangement delivers an impressive visual appeal while remaining more affordable than a ring with a single prominent diamond.

Looking for the perfect engagement ring with expert advice? Valquère's dedicated team eagerly anticipates assisting you.

What would you like to know about our bespoke range of engagement rings? For more insights and inspiration on proposals and engagement rings, browse the Valquère Blog for all the guidance you'll need.
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