When it comes to buying jewellery online, the allure of diamonds is irresistible. These timeless stones, meticulously formed over millennia and inherently imbued with symbolism, are adored for their durability and unrivalled sparkle. Just as enchanting are the extraordinary lab grown diamonds that Valquère’s skilled Antwerp artisans infuse into our handcrafted, statement jewellery pieces, each symbolizing a new kind of luxury.

Moving beyond the traditional realm of ornamental wear, let's embark on a captivating journey exploring outstanding creations that yield diamonds in their splendour - some quite unexpected yet undeniably stunning. 


Diamonds in Unexpected Places

From Coronet's world record-breaking handbag and Gibson guitar to one-of-a-kind dresses worth millions, we explore the infinite possibilities of diamonds. Imagine cruising on a diamond-set Harley Davidson or playing on a diamond-encrusted chess set. Even Elvis's diamond-rimmed watch and Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra showcase the versatility and grandeur of this precious gemstone. 

Valquère, the very essence of luxury and personal service, appreciates these novel interpretations of diamond applications. Still, our passion lies in crafting exquisite, statement jewellery - a testament to the enduring charm and elegance of diamonds. 

When Diamonds Meet Fashion

Whether you're buying jewellery online or offline, our masterpieces are more affordable and wearable, offering you the choice to shine in your unique way.  

In recent years, diamond prices and market trends have echoed the growing appeal for lab grown diamonds. On par with mined diamonds for their quality and brilliance, these diamonds, incorporated in Valquère's bespoke jewellery pieces, are a testament to sustainable luxury. So, if you’re ready to embrace this new wave of luxury, explore our selection of lab grown diamonds and dive into the world of Valquère.  
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