There's a new kind of luxury seeping into the realm of precious jewellery, where tradition harmonises with innovation and sustainability isn't compromised for quality. This is the world of Valquère, a brand defined by its advanced, resourceful, purposeful, and charming character traits, offering a modern reinterpretation of timeless elegance.


Blue diamond engagement ring

Crafting Memorable Encounters with Lab-grown Diamonds

Our discerning Smart Luxury consumers seek more than just a traditional diamond engagement ring. They strive to make a statement, to showcase their individuality and personal ethos. With our exquisite, handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, Valquère offers not just coloured engagement rings but an opportunity to express oneself boldly. A statement made.

Coloured Diamonds: A Modern Spin on Tradition

Valquère specialises in luxury lab-grown jewellery, with an emphasis on larger diamonds of superlative quality and newly introduced coloured diamonds like pink and blue. Our lab-grown diamonds offer an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative, ensuring colour and brightness consistency. The certified diamonds begin from 1.00 ct and we put the spotlight on fancy shapes like oval and emerald cuts.

Valquère’s Strategy: A Harmony of Tradition, Innovation, and Sustainability

Our mission is to balance traditions and quality without compromising on sustainability, ethics, or financial values. We design unique creations from Antwerp with a commitment to the highest quality, optimal personal service, and respectable eco-consciousness.

Your Statement, Our Craft: A New Way of Celebrating Milestones with Coloured Engagement Rings

As the diamond market continues to evolve, we stay ahead by constantly updating our knowledge and integrating the latest trends into our designs. Our Smart Luxury consumer deserves nothing less than the best, and that's what Valquère promises. Do you want to buy an exclusive engagement ring? Contact us now.
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