Discover the allure of embracing a diamond engagement ring as a single person. This trend, synonymous with the new kind of luxury that Valquère stands for, has been gaining momentum across the globe. More and more women are gravitating towards purchasing their own ring, symbolizing their independence and self-love. Enter the world of the ‘self-love pinky ring’.


Engagement ring

The Origin of This Fascinating Trend

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring as a tangible symbol of one's independence and self-love has been a popular trend in several parts of the globe, particularly the United States. It's embodied in the #selflovepinkyring, common on Pinterest and frequently used on Instagram by women who are committed to cherishing their personal values. This act of self-love and affirmation is a cornerstone of the Valquère ethos.

Wearing the Self-love Pinky Ring

A reflection of the 'pinky promise', this engagement ring is typically worn on the pinky finger, symbolizing a constant commitment to uphold personal values and priorities. Alternatively, many women choose to adorn a different finger, or even opt for a wedding ring as a symbol of self-allegiance. The choice of ring style, finger and diamond shape can be personal as it is diverse, reflecting the unique individuality of the woman wearing it.

Personalized Engravings for Your Engagement Ring

Many women choose to have their names, or a personal motto engraved on their self-love pinky ring, creating a unique and deeply personal piece. Valquère, with its modern techniques, can execute precise engravings, allowing for limitless personalization on our Antwerp handcrafted jewellery.

End your search for the perfect statement jewellery piece with Valquère’s engagement rings. Check out our extensive collection or reach out to our experts for a personalized service experience. Remember, your choice of ring is a reflection of your distinctive style and commitment to yourself - a true statement made.
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