Would you embrace the trend of paying half for your engagement ring? Recent studies reveal that nearly half of women are open to sharing the cost of their engagement ring, signalling a shift from traditional proposal norms. At Valquère, we're intrigued by this change. We wonder, would you be part of this new-age 'pay half' tradition for your lab-grown diamond engagement ring?



Yellow gold engagement ring

Empowered Women, Empowered Choices

In the storybook version of love, it's traditionally the man who initiates the marriage proposal. He kneels, diamond ring and heart in hand, asking, 'will you marry me?'. However, times are evolving. As well as men becoming more innovative in their proposal tactics, women are increasingly taking the reins, even in proposing to their partners. Women's growing independence is reflected in their willingness to pay half for their engagement rings. This shared cost symbolizes a balanced partnership and the journey toward choosing the perfect handcrafted engagement ring. What could be more romantic than this bonding experience, and maybe even tying it to a getaway trip?

The Luxe for less

Sharing the engagement ring expense opens an exciting possibility – affording a larger lab-grown diamond. It's simple; if you take care of the precious metal's cost, your partner could focus on the diamond – and go for extra carats. A larger diamond signifies more brilliance, and isn't that what really steals the show? Paying half for your engagement ring not only sets a new trend but also paves the way for a grander statement.

Unleashing a New Luxury

Are you ready for a dose of luxury? If you're seeking an exquisite engagement ring, Valquère, the home of high-quality, handcrafted jewels from Antwerp, awaits you. We invite you to explore our extensive collection of unique pieces that echo a statement of style and elegance. Remember, at Valquère, luxury is not just about owning a high-end piece; it's about making a statement.Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 
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