In a world of infinite light variations, it is the unique sparkle of a diamond that captivates our attention. But have you ever wondered how different sources of light can distinctly shape the radiance of your chosen solitaire ring? Allow Valquère to guide you towards unraveling this enticing mystery.



Solitaire engagement ring

Understanding the Brilliance of Diamonds

The allure of a diamond’s cut lies in its brilliance, one of the trio of factors that shape the gem's overall appearance. Brilliance is the reflection of white light perceived by an observer's eye emanating from the diamond. Its companions, fire, and scintillation, equally contribute to the diamond's charm.

The Impact of Light on the Diamond’s Appearance

Depending upon the type and source of light, a diamond's radiance can have varying shades. Even with the most meticulously cut diamond, possessing a triple excellent grade, the effect of light remains significant.

Picture an old cut diamond, which under today's stark white office light may seem relatively dull. Yet, under a candle or gaslight in the 19th Century, the same gem would have exuded a soft, romantic glow. Alongside these external factors, the cut's precision also crucially affects how much light the diamond reflects; a poorly proportioned cut can result in light leakage making the diamond appear dull, even under the brightest light.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond for Your Solitaire Ring

Considering all these elements, every Valquère diamond is handpicked to ensure its brilliance aligns with your personal choice and your anticipated viewing environment.

Remember, a diamond's allure is subjective. A triple 'EX' diamond may not captivate you in the same way another with slightly different proportions does. Perhaps less fire, but more brilliance resonates with your individual style. After all, personal taste makes the lasting statement.

The Uniqueness That is You

At Valquère, we celebrate your uniqueness and strive to satiate your diamond desires with our exclusive collection of solitaire rings. Each piece is handcrafted in Antwerp, showcasing original designs that radiate a new kind of luxury. You could even choose your favorite diamond to set in your solitaire ring or opt for a completely handmade piece.
Discover the world of Valquère's high quality, lab grown diamonds, and let your statement ring do the talking. After all, a statement made is the ultimate luxury. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 
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