We all have significant moments symbolised uniquely by a piece of jewellery. One such milestone— the marriage proposal, has always been marked by the traditional engagement ring. But what if we told you there’s room to express your unique statement through other exceptional pieces? Welcome to Valquère's ethos of individuality and refinement, where we reimagine the engagement ring narrative. 


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Why Consider an Alternative to Traditional Engagement Rings?

The call to diverge from the traditional engagement ring is influenced by various factors. Some don't fancy wearing rings, while for others, their professions or sensitivity to specific metals limit their options. Instead of a conventional engagement ring, consider one made from hypoallergenic platinum or explore other fashionable alternatives.

Remember, the Valquère approach ensures that your alternative engagement ring symbolises the same enduring commitment.

Elegant Alternatives for Her

Break the traditional mould like John F. Kennedy did in 1953 when he gifted Jackie a stunning engagement bracelet. A beautifully crafted tennis bracelet, featuring links adorned with high quality lab-grown diamonds, serves as a luxurious alternative. You could also opt for a gold bracelet, personally engraved to capture the essence of your engagement.

Sublime Choices for Him

Men are equally deserving of engagement jewellery that reflects their taste. While "mengagement" rings gain popularity, other options are worth considering. A stylish watch or a pair of handcrafted cufflinks from Antwerp are both excellent alternatives, affording a touch of vintage elegance to his ensemble.

Striking a Balance between Alternative and Traditional

In every Valquère piece, diamonds play a crucial role. So, even as you explore alternatives to the traditional engagement ring, you're still within the timeless tradition of gifting diamonds. Stepping away from the conventional need not mean stepping away from the enduring charm of diamonds.

At Valquère, we offer an extensive collection of diamond jewellery for you to choose your ideal engagement ring or its tasteful alternative.

Sticking to the Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring?

Decided that only a diamond engagement ring will do? Fear not, tradition has its charm. At Valquère, you can find the perfect diamond engagement ring that speaks volumes about your love. Contact us via telephone, email or chat for personal advice tailored to your needs.
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