The tradition of honouring commitment with a symbol is timeless. Our predecessors, the Romans, cherished this sentiment, exchanging humble iron rings at their wedding ceremonies, which gradually shifted to gold. However, nothing compares to the eternal elegance and grandeur of a diamond. Nestled in our statement jewellery, the brilliance of a lab-grown diamond instantly elevates any occasion.  


Handcrafted in Antwerp, the Mecca of Diamonds

Valquère invites you to experience the magic of diamonds, where light meets sparkle, in our Antwerp handcrafted pieces. Step into a new kind of luxury, where timeless traditions meet modern sophistication.

The Diamond: A Statement of Everlasting Opulence

Among the myriad precious stones, diamonds reign supreme as the epitome of luxury. Perfectly cut and polished to illuminate their inherent brilliance, our diamonds hail from high-quality origins. In our Antwerp atelier, the colours of the diamond bloom, revealing shades of white, blue, and pink

t is the blend of reflection, refraction, and dispersion that gifts diamonds with their unique sparkle. Light, upon striking a diamond, scatters and refracts within. Drawing parallels to a tiny prism, diamonds spread incoming light into a gorgeous spectrum or dispersion.

This dance of light and diamonds culminates in the creation of natural light and dark areas. It's akin to a candle flame that appears brighter in a dark room than in a lighted one, emphasizing the importance of contrast in accentuating a diamond's lustre.

The Heart of the Diamond World

Antwerp's legacy as the diamond capital of the world, coupled with our commitment to personal service, makes it the ideal location for discovering your perfect diamond. The birthplace of diamond trade, Antwerp first saw the arrival of raw stones from India around 500 years ago, which evolved into a flourishing diamond industry.

Within this sparkling city, Valquère curates statement pieces that offer a fresh luxury experience. We mix traditional diamond authenticity with the new-age allure of lab-grown diamonds, thus reinterpreting the wedding jewellery landscape.

Get in touch with our specialists for a personalized diamond shopping experience. Discover the Valquère way of luxury, where handcrafted jewellery meets exquisite lab-grown diamonds.
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