Just like an uncut diamond is meticulously transformed into a brilliant, captivating stone, the journey of creating a Valquère diamond jewel is an embodiment of passion, dedication, and scrupulous attention to detail. This is not mere craftsmanship; it is the tangible manifestation of our devotion to the art of handcrafting jewellery in Antwerp.

Our team of expert artisans brings each unique piece to life, whether it's a jewel encrusted with diamonds or a custom-made statement piece. Every item receives the full focus and affection it requires, reflecting our commitment to personal service and quality in our luxury handcrafted jewellery.


The Conception & Creation of our Diamond Jewels

The creative process begins with our innovative design team. They brainstorm innovative models and investigate current jewellery trends to devise new, exciting designs. The birth of any Valquère piece starts in wax, where these fresh ideas are first brought to life.

The wax prototypes then transform into gold or platinum through the hands of our gifted goldsmiths and setters. This intricate work needs extreme precision, ensuring every piece is crafted as if intended for their loved ones. We continually leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve our precision and maintain our high-quality lab-grown diamonds' uniqueness.

Crafting Valquère diamond jewellery isn't just a process—it's a collaboration. Every step in the lengthy production process gives our jewels the attention they deserve, from a simple pair of earrings to a statement necklace symbolizing a new kind of luxury. Our team's shared vision and impeccable communication ensure each piece we create stands as a statement made.

Here at Valquère, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the current diamond market trends and prices, dedicated to providing our clientele with the most relevant and luxurious pieces that reflect the times. Through this commitment, we ensure that our handcrafted diamond jewellery from Antwerp sets the tone for contemporary luxury, adorned with high-quality lab grown diamonds.

Join us in our journey towards a new kind of luxury—one where every diamond jewel is a statement made.

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