In an ever-changing world of trends, the Solitaire, holds its own as the timeless symbol of commitment. This emblem of love, curated by Valquère, is the pinnacle of engagement rings, preferred by the discerning few.



White gold solitaire engagement ring

The Solitaire from Valquère

Our solitaire, uniquely fashioned with an elliptical frame rather than the traditional round edge, commands an irresistible charm. Our design philosophy centers around elevating the simplicity of the diamond, commanding the spotlight, setting the stage for a statement of unparalleled luxury. In sync with the changing tastes of our clientele, the Solitaire's allure now lies in its magnificence - bigger indeed, is better!

Valquère's solitaire features the distinguished Tiffany-mount, a tribute to Tiffany & Co. This unique six-pronged setting ensures the diamond is securely held whilst radiating brilliant sparkle, a glittering beacon of our high-quality lab grown diamonds from Antwerp.

The indisputable versatility of solitaire rings lies in their innate ability to accommodate all types of diamonds, a testament to their universal appeal. Embodying an exquisite elegance that is quintessentially Valquère, the Solitaire is the safe yet captivating choice for those uncertain of their partner's preferences.

Explore our diverse range of handcrafted solitaire engagement rings, each piece echoing our commitment to personal service and our ethos - Statement made.

As we move into a new era of luxury, the diamond market continues to evolve, with lab grown diamonds now positioned at the forefront of sustainable luxury. Valquère remains committed to bridging this gap, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in our designs.

Remember to embrace the knowledge you've gained today, integrating it into your decision-making process. Select your Solitaire, make your statement, and join Valquère on our journey towards a new kind of luxury. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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