At Valquère, we believe that diamond rings, though exquisite in any precious metal, radiate an exceptional brilliance when crafted in platinum, symbolising a new kind of luxury.


Diamond ring

The Art of Platinum – A Preamble

Platinum, the epitome of elegance, is a remarkably ductile precious metal adorning a timeless grey-white lustre. Known for its endurance against oxidation and resilience towards natural elements, this metal is a go-to for handcrafting diamond jewellery. Platinum's non-reactivity makes it benign to human skin and its resistance to tarnish is a testament to its durability, making platinum diamond rings a perfect statement for everyday wear.

The Allure of Platinum Diamond Rings

There's a reason why platinum diamond rings are coveted – they are considered the pièce de résistance of our collection. Their grey-white hue maximises the diamond's fire and brilliance, creating an unmatched sparkle.

Platinum's versatile nature permits unrestricted exploration with coloured diamonds or gemstones. Every shade is beautifully accentuated by platinum, especially when juxtaposed with colourless or white diamonds. Although susceptible to minor scratches over time, similar to white gold rings, a simple re-polishing can rejuvenate your platinum diamond ring to its original glory.

Discover Luxury with Valquère’s Diamond Rings Collection

If you're on the quest for a statement piece, explore our selection of handcrafted platinum diamond rings. At Valquère, it's not just about selling a product – our personal service is designed to guide you in making an informed choice fitting your style. Should you have any inquiries about our models, we're only a call away.
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