Mother's Day holds a special significance, a day dedicated to expressing gratitude and appreciation for the compassionate journey of motherhood. At Valquère, we believe the gifts shared on this day should echo this personal touch, providing a unique statement of love. From chic and affordable knick-knacks to our handcrafted lab grown diamond jewellery, each piece is a testament to that personal bond.


A Floral Touch

Flowers may not seem an innovative gift at first glance, but they are a timeless accompaniment to Mother's Day celebrations. Complementing a flamboyant piece of Valquère's statement jewellery or even a sentimental framed photograph, flowers add a charming touch to any gift. To ensure you're not held ransom by the Mother's Day rush, pre-ordering from a trusted florist is a wise move.

Capturing Moments

Photos serve as tangible memories, whether framed, adorning a plush cushion, or taking pride of place on a coffee mug. Every mother cherishes these personalised gifts - visual reminders of those close to her heart. Remember, quality digital pictures foster the best results for your keepsakes.

Interactive Books

Personalised books offer the thrilling experience of seeing your mother as the protagonist of her own story. A playful twist on the traditional gift book, these editions playfully integrate the recipient's name within the narrative, making for a truly personalised gift.

Key Rings - More than an Accessory

From the classic heart shape to customisable photo key rings, key rings make for cherished personalised gifts. The simplicity of engraving or the versatility of a hybrid pendant that can double up as a necklace only amplifies their appeal.

Sharing Time Together

Time spent together, a shared experience or meal, can be as valuable a gift as material possessions. These moments create beautiful memories that endure, imbuing your mother with a sense of your heartfelt affection.

Looking for lab grown diamond jewellery this Mother's Day? Trust our dedicated Valquère team to guide you in crafting that unique gift which exemplifies our statement made ethos. Stay tuned to our blog to keep up with the latest market trends and diamond prices.

Remember, nothing says 'I appreciate you' quite like a personalised gift from Valquère.
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