Why is it important to keep your Valquère jewels and diamonds away from beauty products? What impact do beauty products have on your precious diamond jewellery? How can even organic beauty products potentially affect your Valquère jewellery? All these questions and more, examined to help you maintain the pristine shine and lustrous beauty of your high-quality, lab-grown diamonds.

With Valquère's handcrafted jewellery originating from Antwerp, you own not just a piece of adornment but a token of a new kind of luxury that makes a statement. A statement made by you, a symbol of your unique style, enhanced by the shimmering allure of our superbly crafted diamonds. But these treasures require your foresight, ensuring you keep them away from beauty products to preserve their inherent shine and value.


The Unseen Impact of Beauty Products on Diamond Jewellery

Your beauty case might contain unsuspecting culprits. While these might be safe for your skin and hair, they can cause damage to your precious jewels and diamonds. Over time, the chemicals present in these products, like hair spray and perfume, can dull the natural brilliance of your jewellery, weaken their structure, and even result in the loss of gems. By putting on your Valquère jewellery after you've completed your beauty routine, you can protect your valuables from unnecessary exposure to harsh elements.

The Subtle Threat of Organic Beauty Products

Even for those of us preferring organic beauty rituals, it's imperative to remember that these can still dull the gleam of your Valquère jewels. Residual makeup, lotions, and creams can block light flow, add films over the gems, and compromise the structural integrity of your precious jewellery.

Preserving the Lustre of your Valquère Jewels and Diamonds

One way to ensure the longevity of your jewellery's lustre is to avoid exposure to water and chemicals as much as possible. Remember to remove your jewels and diamonds before cleaning, bathing, or swimming. Regular at-home cleaning, done carefully following researched guidelines, is also recommended, but when in doubt, bring them to the experts.

At Valquère, an important part of our personal service includes professional cleaning techniques to help your jewels and diamonds retain their stunning shine - just one more way we make a statement.

Crave jewellery that suits your active lifestyle? Our Antwerp-based specialists are ready to guide you through the world of our high-quality, lab-grown diamond collection.

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