Step into a world where statement jewellery is redefined. With Valquère, it's about more than just owning an exquisite piece of handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, it's about experiencing a new kind of luxury. Our high-quality lab-grown diamonds tell a story, your story.


Infusing Personal Statements Into Each Jewel

Ever thought of immortalising a cherished memory within a jewel? Or expressing your sentiments with a personal message elegantly etched onto a stunning piece of jewellery? Welcome to the world of engravings - a major trend in contemporary jewellery craftsmanship. An engraving elevates a piece to a cherished memoir, instantly adding an emotional layer that makes it more individualistic and unique. Wedding rings tend to be the popular choice for engravings, but we're seeing a surge in other jewels being given a 'personal touch'. Think bracelets engraved with inspirational quotes, pendants featuring cherished pet names, or rings inscribed with heartfelt messages - the possibilities are endless.

The Precision between Hand and Laser Engravings

Hand engravings may offer longevity, but thanks to modern laser techniques, the precision of your message perfectly encapsulated on your 'engrave your jewel' is simply breathtaking. At Valquère, we are capable of realizing any vision that can be put to paper into a masterful engraving. Whether it's a unique fingerprint, your personal handwriting, or an intricate image, we have the expertise. Once adorned with our exceptional lab-grown diamonds and gems, the result is a timeless piece that symbolizes a new kind of luxury - a lasting legacy designed to endure through generations.

Adding Your Personal Touch at Valquère

At Valquère, we don't just sell jewellery; we create experiences. We invite you to add your personal touch, engraving your unique story onto our meticulously crafted pieces. Our passion for personal service, grandeur and quality are testament to our commitment - a statement made in every piece we create.
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