In the journey of a partnership, no moment parallels the unique enchantment of proposing. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a symbol that mirrors this exceptionality. We at Valquère recommend an engagement ring that is not only resilient to the trials of life but also serves as a clear, dazzling statement of your commitment, which sublimely blends timeless European craftsmanship with forward-thinking technologies – the lab grown diamond solitaire. 


Discovering the Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire with Valquère

A solitaire diamond is a singular stroke of brilliance perched upon a ring – a perfect embodiment of the unique love you share. As a house of European craftsmanship, Valquère redefines this classic design with a contemporary twist, ensuring the heart, the lab grown diamond, remains the center stage.

With Valquère, the shape and size of your diamond are tailored to your desires. Alongside this, we offer the flexibility of metal choices, from the warm hue of yellow gold, the cool elegance of white gold, the romance of rose gold, to the sheer prestige of platinum, all set with a dazzling lab grown diamond.
Solitaire ring Valquère

Making Your Statement with a Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire

Simplicity isn't synonymous with sacrifice, and the lab grown diamond solitaire stands testament to this adage. A solitaire diamond never loses its stature despite its inherent simplicity. It harmoniously accentuates any ensemble from cocktail attire, chic citywear, formal work attire, to the enchanting wedding dress, making it a truly versatile choice.

How to Choose Your Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire?

Valquère's curated collection of engagement rings encompasses a diverse selection of lab grown diamond solitaire rings. Whatever your budget, style preference, or heart's desire, there is always a lab grown diamond solitaire ring that is destined to shine brightly for you and is subtly designed to make your statement.

Experiencing the Valquère Difference

At Valquère, we prioritize the quality of our products, offering our customers only the highest standard. Our website and showrooms invite you to experience the exquisite craftsmanship of our lab grown diamond solitaire rings. Valquère stands committed to redefining the luxury diamond landscape with our authentic, personalized lab grown diamond rings, underlined by exceptional customer service.
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