At Valquère, we recognize that fashion evolves, and jewellery should, too. That's why we're putting a spotlight on the emerging trend in the jewellery world: the double ring. This isn't just about placing two rings on a single finger. The double ring trend is a testament to contemporary luxury, where a single exquisite piece elegantly graces two fingers. Though it may limit the independent movement of your ring and middle finger, as the adage goes, 'Statement Made' often requires a dash of daring. Trendsetters across the globe are embracing this trend, proving that there's always room for daring style in luxury.


Double Up Your Style Statement

The appeal of bold rings has been growing, so much so, rings now expand over multiple fingers. The double ring trend propels this style into a whole new dimension of opulence. Picture two meticulously crafted rings fused together and beautifully adorned to symbolize a blend of playfulness and extravagance.

Though a myriad of styles can grace these dual finger rings, take note - those embellished with high-quality, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones from Valquère, are the ones that truly embody a new kind of luxurious appeal. There's rarely such a thing as 'too lavish' in the world of high-fashion, and the double ring simply amplifies the glamour quotient.

Your Exclusive Double Ring from Valquère

At Valquère, we're not only about staying on top of trends, but also about setting them. Our commitment to offering the highest quality handcrafted pieces, enriched with top-notch lab-grown diamonds, remains unwavering. While our expertise traditionally lies in single rings, our team is thrilled to embrace this novelty, creating tailor-made double rings that can be an ideal match for your summer dress or extravagant outfits.

Keep in mind, wearing a Valquère double ring isn't just about keeping up with the trend - it's about making a bold statement. 'Statement Made', as we say.
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