The earth yields many precious treasures, but none quite match the nobility of platinum. At Valquère, we are delighted to unveil our exquisite collection of handcrafted jewellery, delicately moulded from the finest platinum, lab-grown diamonds, and undeniable love for craftsmanship that originates from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. But what makes platinum so unique and desired? Let’s delve into the opulent world of this precious metal that is a statement in itself.



The Platinum Promise

Platinum, or Pt on the periodic table, is a rare wonder. To yield a mere 30 grams of this shimmering light grey metal, a whopping 10 tonnes of platinum ore must be mined. This metal's rarity is accentuated by its remarkable purity, a differential attribute from gold. Platinum jewellery is far purer, synonymous with the Valquère brand values of quality, richness, and individuality. Our hypoallergenic platinum jewellery is a perfect fit for those with a sensitive approach towards jewellery, creating a lasting statement.

The Platinum Prestige

Platinum's divine strength and resilience have been noticed and appreciated since its first mining 2000 years ago by the pre-Columbian people in Latin America. However, platinum's solid nature made it challenging to manipulate, leading to the more common usage of gold. But as Valquère, we embrace the challenge to create sophisticatedly elegant platinum jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

The Rising Renaissance of Platinum

While platinum typically commands a higher price than gold due to its purity, density, and the labour-intensive production process, it is seen as a symbol of luxury, status, and endurance. Since the 1960s, platinum has seen a resurgence, especially in jewellery, marking a new era of luxury. Embrace this new luxury wave with our curated collection of hypoallergenic platinum diamond earrings.

The Platinum Power

Besides its acclaimed fame in jewellery, platinum is versatile, finding applications in devices subjected to high temperatures and corrosive conditions, like car catalytic converters and electronic components. One of its lesser-known uses is in medicine for certain types of cancer treatments – a testament to platinum's unique attributes.

Why Choose Valquère’s Platinum Jewellery

The allure of platinum's exclusivity, prestige, hypoallergenic properties, and durability make it the quintessential choice for luxury statement jewellery. The robust nature of this noble metal promises to protect any precious stone set into it, ensuring your heirloom jewellery piece remains timeless. Consider the platinum flower ring with a central emerald, a symbol of the modern luxury that Valquère stands for.

Caring for Your Platinum Jewellery

Platinum’s tightly bound molecular structure ensures it withstands regular wear and tear. However, when dealing with aggressive chemicals or gardening, extra care should be taken. Mild soap, lukewarm water, and a microfibre cloth can keep your platinum jewellery as good as new. Keep your statement pieces safe by examining their settings every two years, ensuring their timeless appeal.

Discover Valquère’s Platinum Collection

We invite you to browse our array of high-quality platinum jewellery. At Valquère, we pride ourselves in offering platinum 950, the highest quality platinum alloy at the best price. Each of our unique pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity, offering a statement of luxury that is simply Valquère. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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