A wedding should ultimately be a day designed around the personal desires of the bride and groom. Certain traditions, such as the wedding ring, are often at the core of this day.

Yet, the true essence of your wedding lies within the freedom to bypass some traditions to craft a day that truly resonates with you. So, what are these wedding traditions and which of them may you reconsider.


Rediscovering Wedding Traditions

When planning your special day, it won't be long before you encounter various advice on traditional wedding "must-dos". This could range from matching wedding rings to wearing your mother's bridal gown, or the bridesmaids wearing the same dress colour.

These are all part of wedding traditions that you may be encouraged to uphold. Yet, remember this day is about you and that you're not obligated to follow everything to the letter. As long as you have your special wedding ring to embody your love and commitment, the rest can be flexible.

Can you create your own wedding traditions?

While each wedding tradition holds its significance, it doesn't mean you're obligated to follow each one religiously. Alternatively, you could breathe new life into these customs for an innovative, personalized wedding experience.

For instance, if tradition demands an end-of-evening onion soup, why not seek a more palatable and exciting alternative? Or instead of offering customary treats to guests, explore other creative gift ideas that speak to your personal style and values.
Yellow gold diamond wedding ring Valquère

Is it possible to forego wedding rings?

While it's possible to let go of some wedding traditions, the choice of wedding rings remains a key symbol of commitment. This is where the prowess of Valquère comes into play, crafting handcrafted statement jewellery pieces that bespeak of a new kind of luxury.

As a testament to your love, your wedding ring is ideally a piece you'd want to wear daily even after the wedding. Valquère offers an array of high-quality lab-grown diamond rings that are flawlessly designed and bespoke to your needs.

While diamonds remain the gemstone of choice for wedding rings, you can also opt for other precious gems such as oval, emerald, or cushion. At Valquère, we bring the personal touch to your wedding journey, advising on customised wedding rings that truly mirror your love story.
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