Beyond the glitz and glam is the classic engagement ring; as trendy today as the iconic little black dress. The term 'classic' has shed its old-fashioned cloak and emerged as the epitome of elegance and refinement. So, what makes these timeless pieces still so alluring?


Solitaire engagement ring

The Enduring Allure Of The Classic Ring

Classic engagement rings symbolize the undying appeal. Irrespective of the style or personality of your loved one, your proposal will be perfect with a classic ring. Lab-grown diamonds, the stars of these timeless treasures, take center stage in these designs. The simplicity of these hand-crafted Antwerp pieces ensures the spotlight remains solely on the diamond. Based on a recent survey, 33.6% of respondents opted for the classic solitaire engagement ring. These trends underline their timeless appeal and place these rings at the pinnacle of engagement ring trends.

Bespoke Journey with Valquère: Crafting Your Dream Ring

Adding a personal touch to these timeless designs can elevate their charm. Valquère offers the opportunity to tailor-make your engagement ring, aligning it closely to your vision. Choose a classic engagement ring from our collection and add your unique touch. Alternatively, create a unique ring from scratch, ensuring it becomes an embodiment of your love story.

The journey involves selecting the design, lab-grown diamond, and metal that collectively bring forth the engagement ring of your dreams. This process is seamless, requiring a bit of time for planning and crafting, ultimately producing a piece of statement jewellery.

Classic Haute Couture by Valquère: Timeless, Trendy, Unique

Whether personalised or ready-made, classic engagement rings hold their ground firmly as a fashionable choice. Explore Valquère, your Antwerp jeweller's diverse range of classic engagement rings, each epitomising luxury in its own unique way. Our talented team of experts is on hand to assist you through your journey of creating your dream engagement ring.
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