Unearthing the significant style eras within jewellery design history, one realises that modern jewellery design, including statement diamond pieces, is not always an avant-garde concept. Often, it leans on the aesthetic values of centuries passed. For the keen observer, it becomes evident that contemporary jewellery, especially handcrafted diamond pieces, owe a significant part of their charm to traditional influences.  


Biedermeier, Historicism and the Legacy of Simplicity

The Biedermeier era marked the early 19th century with an emphasis on clean, smooth designs, straying from the grandiose baroque styles of the past. Following this, Historicism took centre stage, combining stylistic elements from simpler times, reflected across fields from art to architecture and jewellery. This period was known for style pluralism, a testament to the diversity of design trends of the 19th century. This eclectic mix of Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Renaissance, and Rococo inspirations contributed to the richness of modern jewellery design today, still observable in Valquère’s unique statement pieces.

Art Nouveau and the Embrace of Nature’s Beauty

Art Nouveau marked a significant departure from traditional patterns, with a focus on fluid forms and nature-inspired motifs. Elaborate diamond jewellery designs emerged, where precious stones were part of a richly ornate ensemble, a resonating echo of the Valquère design ethos.

Art Deco and the Celebration of Elegance

Post-World War I saw the rise of Art Deco, characterised by simplicity and pragmatic elegance. Noteworthy was the striking colour contrasts, diamond jewellery often paired with black onyx or blue sapphires, much like Valquère's sophisticated, high-quality lab-grown diamonds. 

Vintage – The Classic Reinvented

From the 1950s onwards, we saw a revival of earlier styles, leading to what is now called 'Vintage'. The term did not imply old or used jewellery but designs that harked back to a specific era, keeping tradition alive in the modern world.

The Modern Era – A Diverse Paradise

Modern jewellery design is now a blend of varied styles, often giving a contemporary twist to traditional themes. Unique to this era is the emphasis on quality, showcased in the brilliant cut of diamonds, an area where Valquère shines, offering personalised service and handcrafted gems from Antwerp.

Embarking on a journey through the annals of jewellery design allows us to understand how historical models impact modern jewellery design, with Valquère embodying the new kind of luxury influenced by design through the ages.

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