Few diamond shapes can match the quiet elegance and subtle brilliance of the cushion cut, often found gracing vintage jewellery like an echo from the past. Today, we shine a spotlight on Valquère's cushion cut earrings, a testament to the beauty of this style. Whether you're in pursuit of diamond earrings or looking to make a statement, the Valquère collection crafted in Antwerp promises the perfect piece.

Landmarks like the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. proudly display some of the world's most captivating diamonds, such as the Hope Diamond and the Napoleon Diamond Necklace. Notably, these treasures share a common feature – they are all cushion cut. It's a cut that carries an air of antiquity, yet maintains its allure among today's discerning enthusiasts, particularly when set in a pair of striking diamond earrings.


Yellow gold diamond cushion cut earrings

A Nod to the Past

Until the late 19th century, cushion cut diamonds were the undisputed favourites, alongside the brilliant cut. Known for its muted sparkle and elegant aesthetic, it naturally found its way incorporated into vintage jewellery pieces. Today, the 'vintage' charm has been revived and is the choice of many stylish women. The cushion cut, in particular, has seen a resurgence – gracefully adorning everything from vintage-inspired engagement rings to exquisite diamond earrings. 

Valquère's Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings: A New Kind of Luxury

For women seeking a unique piece of jewellery, consider cushion cut diamond earrings from Valquère. Offering a refreshing departure from traditional brilliant stud earrings, the cushion cut adds extra sparkle and refinement. To truly make a statement, consider a halo setting, which emphasizes the central diamond and magnifies its beauty. Alternatively, allow Valquère to handcraft a pair of customised earrings for you, featuring our high-quality, lab-grown cushion cut diamonds.

If you're seeking the luxurious allure of diamond earrings, with or without the distinctive cushion cut, Valquère invites you to explore our extensive collection. For any queries or interest in a specific model, we are here to provide personal service, ensuring that the statement made is uniquely yours.
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