From the bustling diamond district of Antwerp, Valquère brings you lab-grown diamonds of unparalleled quality, handcrafted into statement jewellery that redefines luxury. Among our spectacular collection, the diamond ring stands as a symbol of your personal style. But how should you store your precious piece to maintain its lustre and security? Let us guide you through the best practices for storing and displaying your diamond ring, ensuring that even when not worn, it remains a statement made. 


Diamond ring

Securing Your Valquère Diamond Ring: A Smart Investment

As admirers of high-quality, lab-grown diamonds, we recognize that our jewellery, especially a precious diamond ring, is a noteworthy investment. Securing it is paramount. That's why we recommend investing in a small home safe. Choosing from a variety of sizes, closure types, and quality standards to align with your needs. Remember, storing your diamond ring securely preserves its beauty and reduces maintenance needs over time.

Displaying Your Valquère Diamond Ring: A Luxury Showcase

Who wouldn't want to gaze at their sparkling diamond ring, even on days it's not being worn? Don’t limit your enjoyment of these miniature masterpieces to wearing them. Display them! A strategically designed ring stand, perhaps in the shape of a hand, is a fashionable and functional way to store your diamond ring. Separate compartments or velvet ring holders in transparent jewellery boxes with gold or silver edges can make a stunning storage spot.

Preserving Your Valquère Diamond Ring: A Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Protection

Displaying your diamond ring stylishly while protecting it from oxidation and other damage is achievable. Combining a stunning glass display cabinet with protective elements offers both aesthetic pleasure and the security your Valquère jewellery deserves. After all, our jewellery is more than just accessories; it’s a statement made in luxury.

Whether you're curious to learn more about our diamond rings or need advice on storing and displaying your Valquère pieces, our Antwerp-based diamond experts are ready to provide personal, professional guidance.Make an appointment or explore online to experience Valquère's unique blend of new-age luxury and traditional Belgian craftsmanship.
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