Valquère, a name synonymous with innovative luxury, serves the evolving needs of the smart luxury consumer, constantly pursuing a medley of tradition and innovation. This demographic, dominant in Europe and diverse in its ethnicity, are digital nativaes craving the carefully handcrafted strokes of our Antwerp artisans. With our bracelet as a revered keepsake or gift, Valquère is a testament to a conscious blend of materials and mindful business outlook. 


Diamond tennis bracelet

Motivations & Values: A New Kind of Luxury:

In aligning with the motivations and values of our customers, we proudly present our bracelets as symbols of this new luxury, embedded in sustainability and ethics. The payoff of our pieces goes beyond just an accessory; it's a statement made, a personal milestone celebrated, or a bridge between friendship and a blossoming relationship.

Our brand personality is designed to resonate with the advanced and resourceful. A charming presence that purposefully navigates the world, just like you, our dear clients. Each piece is a modern narrative of timeless elegance, a manifestation of the "statement made" ethos.

The Valquère Promise:

Emphasizing larger diamonds, including the newly introduced pink and blue variants, our jewellery pieces captivate the eye. The meticulous attention to detail, from FVS1 to EVVS2 quality diamonds, is our commitment to excellence. All our lab-grown diamonds, starting from 1.00 ct, come with a seal of certification, prioritizing shapes like the stunning oval and sophisticated emerald cuts.

The Valquère Advantage:

With a focus on environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, we offer lab-grown diamonds that promise consistency in color and brightness. These are not just an alternative to natural diamonds, but a superior choice for the modern consumer. Our bracelets come with the potential for upgraded sizes or a personal jewelry collection enhancement within a similar budget. Our latest insight on diamond prices and market trends reflects our commitment to deliver value without compromising quality.

Personalise your gift

You can make the bracelet you are gifting even more special and personal by personalizing it. You can have a beautiful, meaningful message or name engraved on it. In this way, you are giving a unique and meaningful bracelet as a gift.  
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