Is that a shimmer of luxury on your finger? Whether it's an engagement ring from our meticulously curated selection or a golden ring you received for a momentous occasion, your handcrafted Valquère jewel deserves its moment in the limelight.




Yellow gold engagement ring


vA close-up shot truly does justice to your golden ring's intricate details, silencing the noise of any other distractions. When you opt for a close-up, be sure your nails are impeccably groomed. Remember, your hands are the canvas for your Valquère masterpiece.


Prefer to photograph your golden ring solo? Create a captivating composition against a neutral backdrop. Experiment with elements like plants, pillows, fabrics, sand, and wood to showcase your piece. Play around with perspectives and share the most intriguing image using the hashtag #ValquèreGlow.


Understand the transformative power of light on your lab-grown diamond ring. Capturing gems isn't as straightforward as you might think. Each light source casts a unique glow. For an authentic portrayal of your ring, opt for natural daylight or soft artificial light - minus the flash.


Stay true to your unique style. Your Instagram presence will resonate more, attracting an engaged following. Share that standout shot of your golden ring only when you are entirely pleased with it. While racking up numerous likes and follows is gratifying, the only opinion that truly counts is yours.


Once your golden ring snapshot is prepped for its grand debut on Instagram, choose fitting hashtags. Here are a few trending hashtags from Instagram's top 100: #ValquèreGlow, #labgrowndiamonds, #diamondring, #proposal, #handcraftedjewellery, #engagementring and #newluxury.

Is your gleaming golden ring a masterpiece from our collection? Don't forget to use #ValquèreStatement when you share your ringfie. Have any queries about our offerings or services? Engage with our team of experts who are always at your service.
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