The allure of gold earrings transcends trends and time. From statement pieces to everyday accents, Valquère embodies the essence of these precious adornments. Our collection of high-quality, lab-grown diamond and gold earrings are meticulously handcrafted in Antwerp, offering a new kind of luxury.

From warm yellow gold, cool white gold to captivating red gold, our collections infuse your attire with sophistication, whether you're heading out for a fine dining experience or to an essential board meeting. With Valquère, the statement made is one of timeless elegance.


Yellow gold diamond statement earrings

The Luxurious Feel of Handcrafted White Gold Earrings

An alternative to platinum,white gold earrings have become a staple of modern jewellery collections. The subtle yellow hue that develops over time further enhances their unique charm. Emphasising high quality, Valquère's white gold earrings are a testament to fine handiwork from Antwerp.

The Eternal Appeal of Yellow Gold Earrings

Boasting excellent colour resistance, yellow gold earrings from Valquère exude an enduring allure. Perfect for those with warmer skin tones, these pieces of jewellery represent the epitome of personal service.

The Rise of Red Gold Earrings

Once considered unusual, red gold earrings have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Valquère offers a selection of red gold pieces designed for those who enjoy a retro touch.

Valquère's gold earrings are more than just accessories; they symbolise a new era of luxury. Explore our extensive collection to find the piece that resonates with your style or contact our team to learn more about our offerings.

Don’t forget to update your knowledge with the latest diamond prices and market trends to better understand the luxurious world of Valquère’s gold earrings.
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