To announce your engagement personally and in a way that encapsulates who you are as a couple, you need more than just a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Although Valquère’s high-quality, handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp will undoubtedly play a significant role, the real essence lies in interweaving your life's passions into your announcement. Be it a game of Scrabble with your ring replacing the O-tile or a heartwarming photograph featuring your engagement ring and a steaming mug of coffee. Remember, at Valquère, each piece is not just a ring; it’s a declaration, a statement made in the most personal way.


What messages reflect our personality as a couple?

Inevitably, your engagement announcement should be a portrayal of your life. So, why limit it to a traditional display of your rings? Let your shared hobbies, your lifestyle, even an action figure wearing your Valquère ring depict your narrative in a unique and personal manner. For the nature-loving couple, a classy outdoor photoshoot or a save the date card can beautifully capture your story – a story that is as precious and unique as Valquère’s meticulously crafted engagement rings, radiating the magic of a new kind of luxury.

When do I choose subtlety or extravagance?

Whether you opt for subtlety or extravagance, your engagement announcement will always be a reflection of your personality. A black and white picture may emphasize the shimmer of your handcrafted Valquère engagement ring, while a colourful shot can express the ecstatic celebration of your union. No matter your style, Valquère is here to help you make a statement that will be remembered forever.

As you make plans to announce your engagement, remember, your Valquère engagement ring is not just an adornment. It's a symbol, a statement made that represents your unique journey. And we are here to ensure that every step you take in this path of love reflects your story, your commitment, and your statement made. Ask our diamond experts for guidance in your jewellery choice.
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