There is a unique charm in celebrating love that has stood the test of time. And what could possibly be more romantic than a second proposal, a fresh reminder of shared love and commitment? In the current trend of expressing love, the second proposal has gained prominence. It is seen as a grand gesture of reaffirming love and commitment, often symbolized by a superior quality diamond ring, akin to the ones we meticulously handcraft at Valquère, in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world.


Guidelines to make your second proposal an unforgettable experience

In the Anglophone world, the tradition of vow renewals has been cherished for a while now. It’s a lavish and romantic ceremony that also offers a fabulous opportunity to dress up splendidly and party with friends and family. Usually, this is topped off by a second, romantic honeymoon at an exotic locale or a cozy, kid-free weekend.

Here are our tips on making your second proposal an event to remember:

  • Select a location that encapsulates your shared memories or holds a special significance in your relationship. What could beat reminiscing past times at the exact spot you first met?

  • Set the mood with your favorite shared songs or music that defined your initial moments together.

  • For the second proposal, opt for a unique ring - distinctive and more dramatic than the first one. Consider lab-grown diamonds, a new kind of luxury, from Valquère.

  • If you're unsure of the ring size, our personalized service offers an easy solution. Simply measure the existing wedding or engagement ring using a ring measurer. 

  • Be original. And please, avoid hiding the ring in a champagne glass!

  • Dress up for this special occasion. A well-thought-out excuse for dressing up won't spoil the surprise.

  • Speak from the heart, keeping it brief and natural. Humour and a relaxed attitude can help ease any glitches along the way.

Central to the second proposal is, of course, the perfect engagement ring. At Valquère, our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist, with handcrafted jewellery and striking lab-grown diamonds that truly embodies the essence of our tagline, "Statement Made."
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