In the heart of Antwerp, the diamond capital, Valquère redefines luxury for the advanced Smart Luxury consumer. We embody a delicate balance, intertwining tradition and innovative practices to produce our exquisite gold necklace range. Our creations are crafted for discerning individuals who appreciate the marriage between quality and sustainability, and who reward themselves with a statement piece that shines through life's milestones.


Yellow gold diamond necklace

Ethical, Sustainable, Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Superior Choice

At Valquère, we champion the advantages of lab-grown diamonds. We take pride in offering cost-effective, environmentally friendly options, enabling our customers to enjoy larger, quality-assured diamonds without compromising their ethical values. Our rigorous production process assures consistency in colour and brightness, making each gold necklace a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Valquère’s Autumn Collection: The Statement is Made

Celebrate the hues of autumn with our gold necklace collection featuring FVS1 and EVVS2 quality diamonds. Our designs, subtly infused with the tones of the season, showcase newly introduced coloured diamonds such as blue. We place a spotlight on fancy shapes, such as the oval and emerald cuts, ensuring every piece is an embodiment of our brand: advanced, resourceful, purposeful, charming, and above all, a statement maker.

Keeping Up with Market Trends: The Value in Valquère

We stay ahead of diamond price trends and market developments, offering the smart luxury consumer an enhanced personal jewelry collection within a similar budget. Every gold necklace from Valquère not only represents the new kind of luxury but also an investment that appreciates over time.

Unveiling Autumn with Valquère

As the leaves turn and the weather cools, adorn yourself with a gold necklace from Valquère. Experience the essence of our brand - a modern reinterpretation of timeless elegance, innovation, and craftsmanship. This autumn, make a statement with Valquère – a testament to balancing traditions with quality, reflecting the true essence of luxury. We also offer a personalisation service should you decide to have your gold necklace engraved or personalised in any way.
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