We all cherish the enduring allure of colourless diamonds. However, those seeking to capture the essence of modern luxury are embracing coloured diamonds. These stones are perfect for infusing a bit of vibrancy into a minimalist ensemble! Endorse the shift in trend, whether you are a woman or a man, and let your chosen piece - a statement in its own right - tell your unique story. 


Decoding the Colour Spectrum: Yellow and Brown Diamonds

When shopping for diamond jewellery, you might see that yellow and brown diamonds are quite common. Have you ever wondered how a diamond gets its colour? Understanding the creation of diamonds will enlighten you on this journey.

Yellow diamonds gain their hue from the presence of nitrogen atoms in the carbon lattice. Brown diamonds carry their earthy tone from the distortion of the crystal lattice, pressed under immense pressure during formation.

Rarest Gems: Red, Green, Purple, and Orange Diamonds

Red, green, purple, and orange are generally among the rarest diamond colours, with pink and blue close behind. The allure of pink diamonds, although limited in supply, has captured many hearts. But owning diamond jewellery embedded with a pink diamond isn't for everybody.

Due to limited availability, pink diamond prices have seen a steady increase, breaking auction records repeatedly.

Following the Trend: Hollywood's Affair with Coloured Diamonds

Even Hollywood isn't immune to the charm of coloured diamonds. Trendsetters and style-icons are increasingly opting for fancy-coloured diamonds. Aspire to exude the same poise and grace? Know which diamond jewellery to choose. And for the men? The Black Diamond has been embraced whole-heartedly, as can be seen in the case of celebrity athletes like Derek Jeter.

David Beckham and Justin Timberlake, too, have sported black diamonds, clearly defining the trend. Want to be part of the trend? Our diamond experts at Valquère, known for their distinctive handcrafted diamond jewellery from Antwerp, are eager to assist you in acquiring the piece of your dreams.
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