Wondering how to choose a ring that exudes statement luxury, as a surprise for him? Struggling to find a piece that perfectly complements his style? When purchasing that special ring, what aspects should you remember? Let's explore the variety of alternative ring styles available, handcrafted in Antwerp, and discover the magic Valquère brings to each piece.


Trilogy ring

Choosing the Perfect Ring for His Unique Style

Finding the perfect ring for him, similar to choosing for her, is all about understanding his personality. Is he extravagant or prefers a unique style statement? Coloured precious metals, a unique trait of Valquère's handcrafted collections, radiate an alternative vibe without overpowering his look.

For those who favour a more subtle style, classy designs void of diamonds have been a timeless choice, frequently mistaken for wedding bands. Remember, the choice should be something he would love, even when mistaken for an engagement ring. Infusing a subtle lab-grown diamond can elevate your ring, albeit twinning it with an engagement ring's aura.

Key Aspects When Purchasing His Ring

Once you've pinned the perfect style, contemplate his lifestyle. If he sports his jewellery daily, practical factors like picking sturdy platinum over white gold for durability need to be factored. With Valquère, special attention is given to handcrafting each piece, ensuring it complements his lifestyle.

Pair his new accessory with what he already owns. For instance, if he adores his rose gold diamond cufflinks, match them with a rose gold diamond ring from Valquère's collection, radiating understated luxury.

Exploring Alternative Ring Styles

A dazzling ring doesn't always house diamonds. Milgrain edges to his ring add a special detail without stealing the limelight, resulting in a subtle sparkle sans diamonds. Signet rings, a classic style making a comeback, go exceptionally well with vintage clothing, elucidating timeless luxury.

Another alternative is the pinky ring, reminiscent of style icons like Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Many men opt for a masculine signet ring adorning their family crest, a piece that speaks volumes of their personal style.

Finding the Right Ring with Valquère

Wondering where to find a ring that he will adore and that will seamlessly blend with his style? Trust Valquère's diamond jewellery experts to guide you to the perfect handcrafted surprise ring.
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