In the realm of stylish elegance, a Valquère handcrafted white gold diamond ring epitomises our signature statement style. Bringing together exceptional craftsmanship from Antwerp and high-quality lab-grown diamonds, it stands as an emblem of a new kind of luxury. Each ring holds its enchanting brilliance from the day it first embraces your finger.

However, preserving its brilliance demands special care. Age-old practices of brushing it with toothpaste, though popular, may rob your precious ornament of its lustre. At Valquère, we offer you thoughtful tips to protect, clean, and maintain your white gold diamond ring without compromising on the diamond's brilliance


White gold ring

The Ammonia Method

A daily wear white gold diamond ring warrants regular upkeep. A simple and safe concoction of one part ammonia with six parts water is all you need. Allow your treasured piece to soak in it for a brief period of 10-20 minutes, before delicately brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Focusing on the diamond itself minimises potential scratches on the gold.

Upon completion, rinse it under water and let it air-dry atop a paper towel. To restore its gleaming sparkle, gently buff it using a lint-free cloth. Fortunately, each Valquère white gold ring is delivered with an ideal cleaning cloth.

Ensuring your ring's protection

Daily life exposes your white gold diamond ring to assorted chemicals and creams. Unknowingly, our lifestyle choices can dull its brilliance. Harmful agents like chlorine and bleach are your ring's adversaries.

Wearing your sparkler at the poolside or the beach exposes it to harmful chlorine and seawater. When your ring is not gracing your finger, secure it in its original box and avoid placing it with other jewellery.

Steer clear of hand lotions

Hand lotions, although beneficial for your skin, can be detrimental to your diamond's brilliance. The oils present in such products influence the sparkle negatively. Avoiding them assures you that maintaining your white gold diamond ring is not a laborious task.

At Valquère, we invite you to dive into our expansive collection of handcrafted jewellery. For further insights into sustaining your diamond's brilliance, our experts await your contact.
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