If asked about the critical attributes of a diamond, your immediate response will undoubtedly be: the 'wow factor'. You yearn for the admiration that a diamond evokes, adorned with descriptors like 'radiant', 'vibrant', and 'fiery'. The secret lies in the optical enhancements that increase a diamond's beauty. This is why the round brilliant cut, delivers an intense appeal and constitutes the most popular diamond cut. A ring with a brilliant from Valquère, handcrafted in Antwerp, is often suggested for an engagement ring. The rising trend, however, indicates couples preferring a ring with a brilliant as their wedding band as well



Diamond ring

What are the elements that contribute to the 'wow factor' of your diamond ring?

Carat, colour, clarity, and price form your guidance when choosing a ring with a brilliant. If price is your determinant, consider the following tactics to make your diamond appear larger. Valquère ensures every facet of the handcrafted diamond influences the light entering it, guaranteeing a ring with a brilliant that elegantly reflects light through its 57 facets. This is the secret to a successful 'wow factor'.

How does cut quality influence the brilliance of your stone?

Cut quality is an essential determinant of the diamond's 4 C's. These markers form the foundation for every globally recognized certificate. At Valquère, we only collaborate with the world's three most reputable laboratories - GIA, IGI, and HRD. For the round brilliant, these laboratories identify five gradations of cut quality, ranking from 'poor' to 'excellent'. A diamond earning an 'excellent' signifies the optimal cut quality. It features a balanced pattern, a stunning contrast between the lighter and darker facets, and sharp, balanced light refractions. A 'poor' cut quality, on the other hand, appears less vibrant and may compromise the coveted 'wow factor'.

In summary, a ring with a brilliant from Valquère amplifies that 'wow factor', especially when you consider additional factors such as cut quality. More importantly, never forget that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Each diamond, even within the same cut grade, can have slight variations. This is what makes Valquère's collection of engagement rings and rings spectacularly unique, each piece a symbol of the new kind of luxury.

Explore our expansive collection of rings and engagement rings. When you are ready to purchase your perfect ring with a brilliant, our personal service at Valquère is here to guide you.
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