Making a high-value purchase like fine jewellery online can be daunting. The inability to physically observe the piece calls for thorough preparation and meticulous research on the vendor's reliability and the quality they promise. We have tailored this guide to assist you in selecting the best platform to acquire your signature piece.  


The Do's of Online Fine Jewellery Shopping with Valquère

At the pinnacle of our list, we emphasize quality and craftsmanship. Shopping for a precious piece of jewellery without physically seeing it demands trust in the jeweller to meet and surpass your expected quality. At Valquère, we pride ourselves on our locally handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, employing the finest in lab-grown diamond technology.

Ensuring that the online jeweller creates and manufactures their fine jewellery locally or through a dependable supplier is paramount. In addition to this, a product warranty assures the consumer of the jeweller's confidence in their outstanding quality.

One key requirement when acquiring fine jewellery online is a diamond certificate. High-calibre lab-grown diamonds ought to have been graded by a credible laboratory that affirms the authenticity of the diamond. Choose a jeweller like Valquère who understands this and is proactive in providing a certificate upon request.

The Don’ts of Online Fine Jewellery Shopping

When navigating online for fine jewellery, it’s crucial to be vigilant. If a website raises suspicions or contains inconsistencies, it's safer to steer clear of it. A secure website verified by a recognized Trustmark provider is a necessity to ensure its reliability.

While you’re evaluating a piece of jewellery through photos, the overall quality of the website, the storytelling, the information about the company and the team can be very telling. If the quality doesn't resonate with a new kind of luxury and if the website lacks transparency and detailed information, you should reevaluate its reliability.

Lastly, the return policy plays a significant role. Since you're buying premium handcrafted jewellery online, rightly so, you might have a change of heart regarding the design or fit post-purchase. An accommodating return policy should be in place to facilitate this.

Looking to buy fine handcrafted jewellery online? Valquère is your ultimate partner, celebrating a new kind of luxury. We not only offer a magnificent array of lab-grown diamonds obtained and curated meticulously, but we also proffer locally manufactured jewellery, handcrafted by the finest artisans Antwerp has to offer. We invite you to explore our collections or reach out to us for further queries.
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