Gold jewellery, particularly diamonds, has long held a captivation in popular culture. Who can forget the catchy phrases 'Diamonds are a girl’s best friend' and 'Diamonds are forever'? They are more than just slogans. They symbolize the enduring allure of diamonds, making them focal points in the finest jewellery, such as Valquère's high-quality, lab-grown diamond pieces. 


Yellow gold diamond trilogy ring emerald cut

Perfectly Pairing Valquère's Gold Jewellery and Your Outfits for a Luxurious Statement

Pairing Valquère’s gold diamond jewellery with any attire, from the sharp business suit you adorn for work, to the casual jeans and shirt over the weekend, creates an understated statement of luxury. With their unmatched brilliance and scintillation, our diamonds seamlessly elevate your ensemble.

Making a Statement with Valquère's Handcrafted Jewellery

A simpler outfit or an ensemble in softer hues sets the stage for Valquère's statement jewellery. Choose a daring design with warm tones, a piece that catches the eye from afar and instantly illuminates your entire outfit. It might be an extravagant necklace or textured earrings that encapsulate your character and add a distinct touch to your look.

Matching Colours Using the Colour Wheel

Another trick to pairing your clothes and accessories is using the colour wheel as a guide. This simple tool demarcates the relationships between colours, helping to curate your fashion ensemble.

The interplay of colours, such as the warm tones of vibrant sapphire earrings over an orange top, or a golden bracelet paired with a cool blue outfit, create bold contrasts. These perfect melds of colours not only elevate your sense of fashion but also heighten the luxury of Valquère's gold jewellery.

The joy of matching your outfits with Valquère's handcrafted gold diamond jewellery reflects a new kind of personal luxury. With designs inspired by the fluidity of ballet movements and the sublime beauty of nature, Valquère offers a sophisticated range of timeless gold diamond jewellery. Always remember, with Valquère, the statement made is always yours.
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