When selecting a diamond pendant, choose a piece that not only showcases the resplendence of our high-quality lab grown diamonds but also harmonizes with your chosen chain. With Valquère, it's not just about our luxurious handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp but also the personal service we offer.

Jewellery chains do more than just adorn the body; they add a layer of refined aesthetics and are perfect mediums for displaying a statement diamond pendant. They can be worn around the wrists, neck, ankles, or even the torso.


The Ageless Elegance of Jewellery Chains

Jewellery chains trace their origins to the Stone age, when they were crafted from shells, bones, and stones. The advent of metals like gold, silver, and copper ushered in a new era in chain making, with intricate designs and gemstones incorporated into the adornments.

Renowned civilizations like the Ancient Egyptians flaished sophisticated chains, signifying their status and prestige. A Valquère diamond pendant on a gold chain is a modern symbol of this tradition.

The Core of Chains: Precious Metals

Predominately, jewellery chains are crafted from precious metals like gold and silver because of their robustness, nobility, and allergy-free properties. Metals like palladium, titanium, steel, and platinum have also joined the mix, introducing uniqueness in design and craftsmanship.

Choosing a Chain That Matches Your Diamond Pendant

With a solitaire diamond pendant, our suggestion would be a delicate trace chain known for its uniform and discreet design. For standalone necklaces or bracelets, opt for a rope or snake chain which are shiny and decorative.

Explore the vast selection of chains available at Valquère, all named after their unique pattern styles such as the overly shiny diamond chain, the bead chain comprising tiny metal balls, or the popular rolo chain with its continuous alternating round links.

Whatever your preference, Valquère offers an exquisite range of chains that will perfectly complement your diamond pendant or bracelet. Experience our personalized service by visiting one of our showrooms or contacting us via e-mail, phone, or chat. 
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