For many couples preparing for the summer wedding season, it’s time to select their wedding rings. While gold wedding bands have a special place in romantic traditions, with Valquère, you can personalize an even more luxurious option— the exquisite, lab-grown diamond wedding bands. Wondering what types are there or how to pick one for him?  


Yellow gold wedding band

What should we consider when choosing Valquère diamond wedding bands?

Valquère’s diamond wedding bands are a testament to the uniqueness of each love story; they come in a myriad of styles with no rules. Whether you prefer smaller diamonds seamlessly set within the precious metal for understated elegance or a stunning diamond eternity ring for an unmissable sparkle, Valquère ensures you find a piece that resonates with your style.

The craftsmanship of our Antwerp artisans determines the look and feel of your band. The channel setting is sturdy and practical, while prong settings elevate the diamonds' brilliance. Whichever you choose, remember to ensure your engagement ring complements your diamond wedding band for a truly dazzling combination.

Choosing a fitting wedding band for him from Valquère

While diamonds may not be a common choice for men's accessories, a growing number of grooms- and husbands-to-be are bravely opting for them. Black diamonds are a statement of luxury that exudes a dominant masculine vibe. Some even choose to place a small diamond or their birthstones on the inside of their bands, adding a personal touch of significance.

If he prefers something more timeless, Valquère's wedding bands with milgrain details beautifully balance elegance with subtlety.

Giving your Valquère diamond wedding band a unique twist

Your wedding band symbolizes your special bond. Can't find a band that truly reflects your unique love story? Valquère offers diamond wedding bands tailored to your tastes, embracing difference. While matching the engagement ring to the wedding ring is one way, there's no need to emulate the same for bride and groom. Play with coloured diamonds, different ring sizes, unique diamond placements, and more to find your perfect bands.

Looking for extraordinary rings made with handcrafted luxury? Want to find wedding bands that truly resonate with your love? Contact the diamond jewellery connoisseurs at Valquère for an unmatched experience and bridal jewellery that redefines luxury.
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