Delve into the world of diamonds with Valquère, where the past and present coalesce, giving rise to new kinds of luxury. We celebrate the Old European Cut, an exquisite square-shaped cut with brilliant facets, rounded edges, and a high crown. What sets it apart is its large culet, a facet at the tip of the diamond, visible when viewed from above.



A Walk Down the Diamond Lane: Origin of the Old European Cut

Favoured between 1890 and 1930, the Old European Cut Diamonds marked a transition from the traditional cushion or octahedron shape to a more rounded cut. This cut is deeply rooted in our Antwerp heritage and is also known as the Amsterdam Cut or Transition Cut.

In the roaring 1920s, Marcel Tolkowsky further refined the Old European Cut into the Brilliant Cut. This transformation meant a smaller culet, enlarged table, and optimized angles of facets for unparalleled brilliance.

The Evolutionary Path of the Old European Cut Diamonds

The Old European Cut stands as a testament to the journey, from the initial round diamond shapes to the modern brilliant cut. The first significant stride in the evolution of the Old European Diamond Cut traces back to the 14th century, where diamond cutters sought to enhance the natural octahedral surface by polishing.

The movement from the pointed stone to the table stone in the 15th century marked a revolutionary shift. This change led to the creation of the early Old European Cut diamond with a square roundness, distinct from today's Princess cut.

With the advent of grinding wheels, facets were introduced to the diamond surface, leading to the development of the Old Rose Cut. The Mazarin cut in the 17th century and later, Vinzent Peruzzi's cut in the 18th century, added more facets and shaped the diamond into a classic old cut.

Reflecting the Light of Legacy: Old European Cut Vs. Brilliant Cut

Old European Cut diamonds, with their less pronounced facets, project a slightly darker reflection, setting them apart from the brilliant cut diamonds of today. These diamonds bear a visual resemblance to emerald, and baguette cut diamonds, emphasising on polished surfaces.

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