At Valquère, we acknowledge the evolving trends and expectations around engagement ring shopping. One emerging phenomenon that we've observed is the growing popularity of couples "Going Dutch" when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. This modern approach helps spread the financial impact and potentially allows for a more luxurious choice, enhancing the symbolic value of this significant life moment.



White gold diamond halo engagement ring

Orchestrating a Shared Budget for Your Engagement Ring

As you decide to share the costs of your handcrafted engagement ring, pooling resources from Antwerp to render your dream ring, a practical starting point is a thorough examination of both personal and combined finances. Establish a budget that aligns with your comfort and lifestyle. At Valquère, we provide an unmatched personalised service that helps you make the most of your budget without compromising on the quality of our lab grown diamonds.

Crafting a Style Statement Together

Splitting the cost when purchasing an engagement ring also means acknowledging a shared style preference. From timeless solitaire diamond rings to edgy bespoke designs - our Antwerp handcrafted range caters to every style, ushering in a new kind of luxury in jewellery.

Coordinating Your Wedding Rings

While planning to split the cost of the engagement ring, it’s worth considering buying your wedding rings together. Our comprehensive collection ensures that all your rings, engagement, or wedding, not only match in style but also resonate with Valquère’s brand values of high-quality and distinct craftsmanship.

The trend of going Dutch while purchasing an engagement ring is not just financially savvy but also a beautiful testament to partnership and shared decision-making. Here at Valquère, we support this movement by providing a wide range of high-quality lab-grown diamond options, personal services, and stunning designs handcrafted in Antwerp for your statement jewellery style.
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